5 Items to Repurpose to Live More Eco-Friendly

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5 Items to Repurpose to Live More Eco-Friendly

The age of social distancing, working from home, and hybrid learning is the perfect time to get your space organized for optimum green-friendly use. Being home more can make your home feel small. 

If you are committed to living a greener earth-friendly life, there are small steps you can take to make a big impact and create a new lifestyle for you and your family.

Glass Jars and Bottles

  • Create flower vases you can use around the house.
  • Use an empty glass jar to transfer food purchased in bulk.
  • Create a hanging spice rack using glass jars or bottles to free up cabinet and counter space.
  • Be earth conscious by using glass jars to store homemade cleaning solutions.
  • Place bathroom essentials in glass jars to save space and keep toiletries neatly within reach.

Portable Carts

  • Repurpose a rolling tool cart as a moving kitchen island.
  • Create a bedside table using an old microwave or bar cart.
  • Upcycle your bar cart to create a space saving coffee station.
  • Use a microwave cart to expand your bathroom storage. Fill the cart with towels and toiletries.
  • Add extra office organization with a bar cart perfect for storing paper, pens, and office supplies.


  • Upcycle shelving as a headboard with extra storage. Add a nice pop of color with fabric bins or baskets.
  • Create a coffee table from an old bookcase or china cabinet. The upcycled table will be perfect for blankets.
  • Use a bookcase to create a container garden to keep veggies, flowers or herbs perfectly separated.
  • Repurpose a shelving unit to create a kitchen island with shelf space for small appliances and utensils.
  • Find a new use for an old china cabinet in the pantry. The cabinet is great for organizing pantry items with the built-in shelves.

Closet Organizers

  • Store bathroom tissue and paper towels in a hanging organizer perfect for hanging on the linen closet door.
  • Fabric hanging organizers meant for sweaters and shirts have the perfect size spaces for board games or any other game night supplies. Hang the repurposed item in your cot closet.
  • Use a hanging closet organizer as a place for shoe or bag storage by turning it on it’s side.
  • Use a closet organizer in the garage or shed to separate tools.
  • Give your spice rack a new home on the pantry door with a hanging organizer to save shelf space.

Drawer and Utensil Organizers

  • Create a jewelry organizer by adding hooks to a drawer organizer.
  • Create a “drop zone” near your entryway by repurposing a silverware tray or basket with designated slots for keys, wallets, sunglasses, or other items you grab on your way out or drop on your way in.
  • Turn a drawer organizer into a tea or coffee tray using the slots to organize beverage flavors, sweeteners, spoons or stirs.
  • Use a drawer or utensil organizer on the coffee table to organize remotes, coasters, matches or other frequently used items.
  • Organize craft supplies with a utensil tray. The divided spaces are great for storing beads, thread and more.

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